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SINCE 2020 

Caring Through Crisis. 

Explore Insurance with a purpose. 


Natasha Lucas

Insurance Broker, Former Police Detective

I was a Detective for McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office while on duty I was rear-ended by a tanker-semi.  I sustained severe injuries. A long recovery began, and I had to teach myself how to function on a day-to-day basis. 


I was under the impression that because the accident occurred while on duty, all costs related to the accident would be covered. I quickly realized how very wrong that impression was. When I finally returned to work, I knew it was too early, but I was unable to afford the day-to-day expenses, let alone treatment. 


This is where my new opportunity to help others arose. I realized there are many areas that people are exposed financially. This is why...


Protecting One Family At A Time

At Lucas Family Insurance, we seek to always advise people to do what’s in their best interest and how to do it most affordably. Our desire is to be fully honest with people and to treat them right by giving them the care and respect they deserve.